“We had an excellent experience and are very satisfied! Our evening was relaxing and very memorable thanks to our delicious dinner and Chef Becca’s professional service. She is truly awesome. Everybody loved her food and our young boys cleaned their... (Read more)

– Valerie

Private Events and Event Catering

Enjoy restaurant caliber food, service, and company without lifting a finger or leaving your home. elle cuisine offers customized gourmet menus, full-scale service, and best of all, the perk of serving your own wines and cocktails.

However, we are of course, happy to offer wine and cocktail pairings to match your menu upon request. Begin with hors d’oeuvres as your guests arrive, followed with a sit-down 3-course meal or tasting menu. Forget about the dishes and end the evening at your own leisure, in good company and in the comfort of your own home.

Forget about the stress of hosting an event, choosing a designated driver, worrying about a babysitter, or struggling to pick a restaurant that will please your entire party. With our custom menu offering, and dedication to perfection, every event is flawlessly executed.

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