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Our events director Natalie Degrassi joined the elle cuisine team in 2013. “One of the things that I love about working with elle cuisine, is the high standards that we set for ourselves and our brand. elle strives to offer service that exceeds expectations and indeed blows people away. I enjoy being a part of that exceptional service, even if that... (Read more)

elle cuisine has been selected by BlogTO as one of the 10 best catering companies in Toronto! “I’m so thrilled to have Toronto recognize our efforts as one of the best in the city. The elle team has made such a huge effort to create something great and different and I feel so awesome to... (Read more)

Crystal has been a member of the elle cuisine team since May 2014. She brings light and life to the kitchen with her vibrant energy and her passion for food. “Working for elle cuisine has been a privilege. I have worked for other companies in the past but none like this one. elle cuisine is... (Read more)

The elle cuisine team connected with industry partners and event planners over some food and drink to chat about the possibilities of partnering in 2016.  We have been very excited about our team’s recent growth, and we value the relationships that we have started to build in the event industry both in Toronto and abroad. We hosted... (Read more)

Meet the elle cuisine team – Peter Wan Bae

By elle cuisine | March 3, 2016 |

Peter came to the elle cuisine team in 2014. His culinary interests focus on meat or seafood, especially game meats such as wild boar, venison, rabbits, etc. Peter’s very much interested in any meat that people generally don’t see in their regular dinner table. He often prepares elle‘s seafood and meat dishes. “I enjoy mostly small, intimate events, but also... (Read more)

Margarita Quiring joined the elle team as a creative chef in 2014. She’s proven to be a wonderful contribution to our team. Margarita particularly enjoys intimate summertime dinner parties. Her macarons are on their way to becoming a fan favourite, especially when paired with Gabi’s flavoured swiss buttercreams. “I used to work in restaurants, and you aren’t part of the entire journey the... (Read more)

We had a few visitors in the elle kitchen on Wednesday to shoot our chefs in action! Getting creative in the kitchen for the cameras proved to be a great way to team build! We had lots of fun cooking some of our signature dishes and experimenting with plating. Mmmmmm black truffles! Prepping the wild mushroom risotto.... (Read more)

It’s fair to say Gabi has been a fixture of elle cuisine since it’s inception. The younger sister of executive chef and owner Lauren Mozer, Gabi grew up with the same passion (obsession) with food as her sister. A graduate of George Brown’s chef school, Gabi recently discovered a love of baking and pastry arts,... (Read more)

We were very excited about the “Enchanted Forest Theme Party” that we were catering for our friends at Ubisoft. Everthing was prepared and ready to go! Several servers headed over to the event space a number of hours earlier to set up for the festivities. Business as usual. We knew an event planner had been hired to... (Read more)

“It’s the holidays and planning the perfect party can be complicated and difficult now that everyone seems to have some form of food sensitivity. We ask elle cuisine to help us deal with the pickiest of eaters….” “The holidays can be so overwhelming especially if you take on the role of hosting friends and family... (Read more)

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