Lauren Mozer of elle cuisine’s Beet and Fried Goat Cheese Salad is featured on Cityline

By ellestaff | Jan 19, 2017 |

Our favourite #bosslady (okay, we’re bias) made another appearance on Cityline this morning cooking with Tracy Moore. Lauren shared with viewers how to make her Roasted Rainbow Beet and Fried Goat Cheese salad. This dish is delicious, great for winter entertaining and easy for anyone to make! A yummy transition for those looking to keep their fitness resolutions, but then again, fried cheese for those who are not 😉

Follow this link to watch the segment:

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lemon & herb vinaigrette, tempura-fried goat cheese, green apple, honey-caramelized pecans, baby arugula, aged balsamic vinaigrette

Serves 8-10
3          pcs                red beets, large
3          pcs                yellow beets, large
3          pcs                candy cane beets, large
1          log                 goat cheese, large
2          pcs                eggs
1          cup                panko bread crumbs
1          cup                all purpose flour
3-4      cups              canola oil, for frying
1          pc                  granny smith apple
1          box                baby arugula
1          cup                pecans, whole
¼        cup               dark brown sugar
¼        cup               honey
1          tsp                 corn syrup
1          tsp                 salt
1          tsp                 cinnamon
1          tsp                 allspice
1          tsp                 smoked paprika
1/3      cup               white balsamic
1          pc                  lemon, zested and juiced
¼       cup                canola oil
¼       cup                olive oil
1-2      tsps               Dijon
1-2      tsps               honey
1          pcs                shallot, chopped
1          tsp                 mint, chopped
1          tsp                 basil, chopped
1          tsp                 chives, chopped
                                   salt & pepper to taste

For goat cheese:
1          log                  goat cheese, large
2         pcs                  eggs
1          cup                 panko bread crumbs
1          cup                 all purpose flour
3-4     cups                canola oil, for frying

Remove goat cheese from packaging. Section into 8-10 equal sized rounds (hockey puck shaped). Have three small to medium sized bowls. Put flour in one bowl. Put panko breadcrumbs in one bowl.

Crack 2 eggs and mix them in the third bowl. In the following order, bread the goat cheese medallions: flour, egg wash, panko breadcrumbs. Make sure each medallion is sufficiently covered.

Just before plating, heat oil in a sauté pan until almost smoking. Fry goat cheese medallions until golden brown. Place on paper towel and season with salt.

For roasted beets:
3          pcs                 red beets, large
3          pcs                 yellow beets, large
3          pcs                 candy cane beets, large

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Wrap each beet in tin foil individually. Roast until tender (totally depends on size). Let cool completely before peeling or cutting.

Peel beets, and cut from east to west, in slices approx. 1cm thick. Use a cookie cutter to round out the piece of beet. It’s very important to keep the candy cane and yellow beets separated from the red beets, otherwise the colour will be affected.

Once beets are roasted, cut, and stored, marinate with the lemon & basil vinaigrette for at least 20-30 minutes, up to one day.

See below for vinaigrette recipe for the beets.

For honey-roasted pecans:
1          cup                 pecans, whole
¼        cup                dark brown sugar
¼        cup                honey
1          tsp                  corn syrup
1          tsp                  salt
1          tsp                  cinnamon
1          tsp                  allspice
1          tsp                  smoked paprika

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a bowl, mix all ingredients listed above. Be sure each pecan is equally coated in the sticky sugar coating.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Put the coated nuts on the baking sheet and make sure they are spread evenly, without clumping.

Bake at 350 until bubbling, about 15-20 minutes.

Let the pecans cool until touching them. Then break them up into individual pieces.


¼       cup                 white balsamic
1          pc                   lemon, zested and juiced
¼       cup                 canola oil
¼       cup                 olive oil
1-2      tsps               Dijon
1-2      tsps               honey
1          pcs                shallot, chopped
1          tsp                 mint, chopped
1          tsp                 basil, chopped
1          tsp                 chives, chopped 
                                   salt & pepper to taste

Add ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix together until fully emulsified.

Adjust for seasoning with salt & pepper.

Add additional honey of you think it should be sweeter, or more balsamic vinegar if you like it tangy.

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