Chef Lauren Mozer shares her Food Styling Tips on Cityline

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She’s at it again. Our owner and Executive Chef, Lauren Mozer is cooking up a storm and making it look mouthwatering all at the same time. This morning on Cityline Lauren divulges some of her best kept secrets on how to make food look beautiful with minimal effort!

These are some of the highlights of Lauren’s 4 main tips:

  1. The Art Of Plating 
  2. The Importance of Lighting & Angles
  3. Staging Your Scene
  4. The Edit (No Filters, ever!)

To see the full list of Tips and Tricks, head to the link below to watch Lauren’s video segment where she explains how to use these tips in the most effective way.

4 tips for drool-worthy Instagram food shots

In the video clip Lauren features 4 different elle dishes: 

carrot & ginger soup, lime & coconut crema, sticky rice ball, chilli oil, zesty micro sprouts


elle‘s sticky toffee pudding, bourbon butterscotch, stewed Ontario apples, homemade cinnamon ice cream

artisanal cheese board, fresh figs, homemade garlic & herb crostinis

herb-encrusted seared chicken breast, smoked butternut squash puree, buttered French green beans, coffee-infused heirloom carrots, sage chicken jus, crispy chicken skin garnish


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