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Last night, chef Lauren Mozer, joined many other female chefs to take part in one of Toronto’s finest culinary events, Eat to the Beat 2015. “Celebrating its 20th year, Eat to the Beat is a mecca for urban foodies who come to experience the best Ontario’s culinary scene has to offer. It is the only event... (Read more)

This past Saturday, the elle cuisine team partnered with Hands Across the Nations – a charitable organization dedicated to making a positive impact on social and economic conditions in the developing world – for the Great Gourmet Give, which took place at the beautiful Design Exchange. Hosted on the Historic Trading Floor of the original Toronto Stock Exchange, the event featured... (Read more)

The elle cuisine team had a blast last night at Get Lit 2016, a unique evening of literature and conversation where six notable Canadians read a piece of writing that inspired their own success. And what an evening it... (Read more)

Last week was a huge week for Ovarian Cancer in Toronto, and elle cuisine tagged along for the ride and provided the food and staff for the extravagant evening! We are proud to share that this was one of the biggest events we’ve pulled off EVER, and it was a huge success made more enjoyable... (Read more)

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