Corporate Private Weddings


What types of events do you specialize in?

elle cuisine is proud to offer our services for any event that requires food or event management. From corporate parties and weddings to intimate 2 person anniversary dinners, there’s no limit on how we can make your next event amazing!

What is an executive and creative chef?

elle cuisine is happy to offer a range of chefs to suit our clients needs.

An Executive Chef is a chef that has a minimum of 2+ years with the company, is capable of leading a large team, cooking & serving, and has an extensive and well-rounded knowledge of cooking techniques and food.

A Creative Chef is a chef that has anywhere between 6 months to 1 year experience with the company and can competently work events on their own, with passion and enthusiasm. Where a Creative Chef may lack the experience to lead and manage a large team, they may be more suited to a more intimate setting.

A Sous Chef or Assistant Chef is a chef who is newer to the company, but is there to lend a hand to our more senior staff.

Do you offer coordinating services?

As an event management company elle cuisine is able to handle any event that comes our way, from large scale galas to custom menu development we will be your “silent partner” through it all.

What does an event manager or lead wait staff do?

A Lead Wait or Event Manager are staff that have either been with elle cuisine for many seasons and truly understand our business and offerings, or individuals that have a tremendous amount of industry experience before joining our team. They will be your direct contact night of and organize our other wait staff to ensure all areas of the event are properly handled.

Do you provide family style or buffet?

Yes! Food quality and presentation is always our main priority when executing a family style or buffet service. Therefore we may suggest unique twists on traditional offerings to ensure we always deliver a high-end experience.

How many hors d’oeuvres will I receive?

Unless alternative arrangements have been made, we will prepare 1.5-2 pieces of EACH hors d’oeuvres per guest. This means that every guest will have the opportunity to try everything on the menu.

Do you provide a drop off service?

No. elle cuisine is a full service company. This means that we take care off all your needs, including staffing, rentals, coordination, chef services, etc. We do not feel a proper elle cuisine experience can be achieved by only providing food.

We don’t have a kitchen how will you cook?

As an offsite food and events management company, we are experts in coming into unique prep spaces for events of any size. With careful menu planning, and coordinating, we can find a way to execute your vision.

If i would like service staff, do you provide them?

Absolutely! We are a full service team. This means that we will provide all staff required to properly execute your event. From Event Managers, to Bar Tenders, to Wedding Coordinators, we’ve got you covered! elle cuisine is proud to have an amazing team that we trust to execute our events flawlessly and enthusiastically.

Is that many staff necessary?

We firmly believe that the experience of your event requires many moving parts to come together seamlessly. Our staff plays a large piece in that experience. We aim to take all the stress and responsibilities away from our clients. Depending on the style of event we suggest 1-2 staff per 10 guests.

What can I do to prepare my house?

If our team has made arrangements to use your kitchen, the more counter space we have access to, the better. However, our team in more than happy adjust things temporarily, when necessary. If large furniture is required to be relocated, please let you coordinator know so that additional labour can be arranged to assist with this process.

How long do the staff stay?

Based on the type of event and the timeline, we will quote for a minimum amount of hours. This could be anywhere from 4-12 hours. We always do our best to quote as accurately as possible, however, some events run longer than expected which may be reflected in the hours worked by our staff. To ensure your event ends as well as it began, staffing hours are always subject to change.

After the event will i need to hire a cleaning staff?

Our team aims to leave every space in the same state we found it. Should your event  require more clean-up for any reason, we are happy to work with you to make additional cleaning arrangements.

When do I need to provide final guest count?

We ask for your final numbers at least 7 days in advance. After 7 days, we are not able to lower the guest count as food orders will have been organized and staffing has been put in place. If your numbers increase after 7 days, please let us know ASAP and we will always do our best to accomodate.

Are rentals included in my quote?

Unless specified, rentals are not included in your quote. This is because every event is so unique and will always require different rentals in order to execute. elle cuisine is proud to partner with some of Toronto’s finest industry partners, not excluding rental companies. Our team will coordinate all the rentals required for your event.

What is a setup fee?

A setup fee accounts for the hours and labour required to properly setup your event. This cost will fluctuate based on the scope of your event.


We take every effort to ensure food safety is always handled with the utmost attention and care. We are able to redesign most of our dishes to accommodate most allergies. When menu planning for large groups, we always suggest items that can be modified night of, and are attentive to any guests allergies.

What happens to any leftovers? 

elle cuisine’s chefs are food handler certified and are responsible for determining whether or not food items are safe to leave behind for future use and consumption.  Chefs will make the safe and appropriate decisions based on food safety guidelines outlined by the Ontario Government ( .  Factors that will inevitably affect food safety include but are not limited to: access to refrigertion throughout the event; type of food (seefood, meat, dairy, vegetable products); time of travel; length of time food is left in warmers; length of time food is left at room temperature; potential contamination by guests.


Feel free to check in with your chefs and event managers for more information on what is safe and what will be left behind.


Is gratuity mandatory?

as a connivence  to all of our clients we include a 15% gratuity to all of our clients. While gratuities are not mandatory, they are recommended.

Deposit & payment

elle cuisine requires 25% upon signing, 70% 30 days prior to the event, and the remaining 5% and any additionals 7 days after the event. We accept cash, EMT and credit as forms of payment. Please note that credit card fees apply for American Express card users, as well as payments made over $2,000.00 by credit.